Global Crises and Global News (Pacific Calling Partnership)

Global warming. Just saying those words creates a sense of awkwardness when articulated. Personally, I have found it difficult to keep on top of the global warming issue because in every direction you turn different stories and research is being shown on different  mediums of media such as newspapers, journal articles, news programs, and even magazines. Having various forms of news articles being shown through different mediums makes it difficult to keep on top of the global warming issue.


It is interesting to see how much the media does control what the majority of the public see about global warming. The media is easily able to influence the ways in which individuals digest and understand news and current affairs. The media has the ability to contort ones views about certain topics.

When it comes to reporting on these difficult situations and topics, there comes a line where a reporter needs something they can base their stories off. However, should there be a limit to what sources a journalist uses to report their story? Should journalists be able to report based on the minority voices, and voice the voiceless? Or should they only report based upon scientific evidence and fact? I think personally, they need to find a happy medium as people are going to have their one opinions  no matter what.


Jari Lyytimäki (2009) ‘Mulling over the climate debate: Media education on climate change’.Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 2, no. 3.

Gavin, N. (2009) ‘Addressing climate change: a media perspective’, Environmental Politics, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 765-780.


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